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Auto Brush-roll Cleaning

Auto Brush-roll Drying

Smart Surface Sensor

Auto Traction Control

Ultimate Cleaning


Whether stains or spills, the powerful OSOTEK HotWave lets you wash, mop, dry, and vacuum for pristine floors.

SuperThermal Technology 

Heats the water to 92°C and maintains 60°C water temp on the floor. The HotWave rapidly dissolves stubborn stains with hot water eliminating unpleasant odors.




Integrated into the OSOTEK HotWave is a real-time self-cleaning Brush-roll that helps keep the machine clean after each use. It helps improve hygiene and saves you time and energy.


Matribase™ Smart Base Station

Auto-Cleaning & Drying

The Matribase Smart Base Station comes built-in with a 3L tank that, with one button press, can fill with up to 81°C (178°F) of hot water. It utilizes bi-directional heat reflux technology to heat water for deep, efficient cleaning.

35 Minutes Runtime 

With up to 35 minutes of battery life, the reliable OSOTEK HotWave can clean more than 200 m² of your home!

35 mins
of continuous use

Cleaning area

Auto Brush-roll Cleaning

With the self-cleaning brush-roll, you no longer need to clean your machine manually after each use. It does the dirty work, so you don't have to.

Auto Brush-roll Drying

After each use, the OSOTEK HotWave deploys an auto drying function that uses hot air to help prevent odors and bacteria from building up in the Brush-roll. This process removes the hassle of drying the Brush-roll manually.

Smart Surface Sensor

Whether you have a wet, dry, or dusty surface, OSOTEK HotWave comes with a smart infrared sensor that can detect the type of dirtiness and adjust cleaning modes accordingly.

Auto-Traction Control

With auto traction control integrated into the brush head, maneuvering the machine across the floor or around tables and corners is as easy as going for a walk in the park.

Fits Various Floor Environments

3 Dynamic Cleaning Modes

Need more than the Automatic Mode to get the job done? Don't worry. The OSOTEK HotWave comes with three power modes to help you clean. Switch between Automatic, Turbo, or Water-absorbing modes to help tackle various types of surfaces and rooms.




Mode switch

More Features


Compact LED screen

Intelligent voice response

Accessories storage & removable tray

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1. 60°C(140°F) Hot Water Efficient Cleaning: When the display screen shows that the water temperature is 75C(167℉) and the hot water from the device's freshwater tank comes into contact with the ground, the water temperature is measured at 60°C(140℉) by a thermal imager.

2. 35 Minutes Runtime: Runtime testing data comes from OSOTEK International Laboratory. It is measured in automatic mode. The actual running time may vary due to usage habits and environmental factors.

3. 200 square meters of cleaning: In automatic mode, with full power and water level, the Hotwave can cover up to 2152ft²/200㎡ of cleaning area. Testing data comes from OSOTEK International Laboratory. The actual cleaning range will vary depending on the home environment, the degree of dirt on the floor, and usage habits.