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OSOTEK Horizon H200 Wet Dry Vacuum

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180° Horizontally Reclining Design
Innovative track-wheel roller brush
Water and Air Separation Technology


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One-Touch Self-Cleaning

Solid-Liquid Separation

IR Mess Detection

Clean Water Tank


Dirty Water Tank


Battery Capacity




Machine Dimension


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Easy to maneuver

The entire set was quite neatly packed and looks to have a satisfyingly durable build quality. Following are the list of items that comes with the vacuum set.

-Base station for charging and charging cord
-Vacuuming unit
-Brush for cleaning
-Mop roller
-Cleaning liquid

The assembly took me about 15 minutes and the unit was good to go. The heating is quite good and aids with the quick drying after the steaming mop that helps get rid of gunk stuck to the floor and facilitates a deep cleaning. The Vacuuming unit is quite flexible and can get in underneath most of the tight spaces. I was able to get under my refrigerator which has a ground clearance of about 4.5 inches so that was a plus. I found the suction power to be the strongest at the center of the vacuum head and weaker around the corner.
It as a good number of cleaning modes and the battery life lasted me slightly over 20 minutes on turbo mode which was decent enough and the filter has two sections for the dry and water waste.
I would recommend this for budget users as its got specs at a lower price that more named brands offer at a premium.

This is a back saver, works so wonderful!!

I love how clean my wood laminate and vinyl floors turned out. It’s always ready and you only have to empty dirty water and add clean water and solution to the cleaning tank when needed. It works so good I’m thinking about getting one for both my daughters. It really does self clean and dry the roller after each use, so convenient. It is one of my favorite tools in the kitchen. I have 3 cats and a shedding dog, I usually run my robot to vacuum, but this will Vacum and clean.

Holy, I never thought I needed this, but I did.

So I recently moved into our new home that had hardwood flooring and tile. I am not a huge fan of mopping let alone vacuuming, but this vacuum makes it easy! It has a nice LCD screen that has the battery and it even speaks to you. It also has different modes which makes it super versatile.

The main thing that we appreciate is the time saving that we get from this. not only does it vacuum all the small particles/hair/dust from the floor, but it also mops it squeaky clean. With one session I can easily clean the whole floor in minutes without bringing out a separate vacuum and mop. The 35min battery on this guy is more than enough to get long or short jobs done. After cleaning, I just dump the dirty water and place it back on the charging base and initiate the self-cleaning cycle! It is as simple as that.

Overall, it's very effective. It can go under tight spaces like under the couch and also go really close to the wall with it's edge-to-edge design. I would give it a go if you are in the market for a 2in1!

Carmit Kelly Cohen
Overall great

The product is great. Although few things bugged me. It doesn’t clean the edges and the battery doesn’t last more then 25-30 minutes. The mop doesn’t get completely dry so after the self clean, I still remove it and let it dry. If you have pets and they shade a lot, vacuum the floor first and then use this one. The hair get stuck in the mop. Overall, it does the job. I wish the battery last longer and I wish it had hair cutter like other products.
It easy to maneuver it forward but take a bit afford to maneuver it back since the wheels always running forward. I can clean three rooms at the time before emptying the waste water and I have to clean the mop after 2 rooms. But if you don’t have dogs, this product is great. Dogs owner …. Not too much.

Update 9/13/2022
The more I use it, the more I love it. I am learning how to work with it to fit my cleaning needs in the house. My house is 2000 SF. If I don’t use the turbo mode, I can clean the whole house. I only turn in the turbo mode in the high traffic areas like kitchen and hallway.
I add FLOOR cleaning supply on the floor so the floor get extra sanitized, shiny and smell great. It’s cleaning it spot less! Doesn’t clean edges but oh well. I am enjoying cleaning the floor and it takes me about 30 - 40 min to clean the whole house. I do need to refill the water tank 3-4 times and empty the dirty water 3-4 times during cleaning but it isn’t a big deal.
I have two German shepherds indoor and I use the Vacuum daily. Can’t believe I didn’t get it sooner. I do vacuum the floor with dyson before I use the this mop as it is easier on the mop since my dogs sheds a lot. I changed my review from 4 stars to 5 stars. Love this product.

Power Mop More Than a Vacuum

This is definitely more of a power Mop than the vacuum/mop hybrid I was expecting but I still really love it! We have a very fluffy dog that sheds a lot so we do a quick sweep or vacuum before we use this to get rid of excess fur. It's amazing in the kitchen and in the kids' rooms because we have 3 kiddos under 2 so meal time is messy and spit ups happen unexpectedly so there are some parts of the floor that we want to make sure are clean more often! It also can flatten out pretty well to get under kitchen chairs and cribs. It runs out of clean water pretty quickly and you have to empty the dirty water fairly often but it's not a big deal for us. The self-cleaning feature is a huge plus! It's heavy which is a plus for me because it feels well made and has a self propelling mode when it's on that doesn't make it too heavy to use regularly. Overall, I recommend!