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Unlike other mop vacuum cleaners, we have integrated the Osotek HotWave with a compatible intelligent multi-functional base station. With just one press, the Osotek HotWave can refill its clean water tank with water from the large water tank of the base station; the water will heat up to 92°C (197.6°F) in 90 seconds and still remain at 60°C (140°F) while touching the ground. Effortlessly remove even the toughest stains. After cleaning, put your Osotek HotWave back into the base station. The brush will automatically start cleaning and fast drying with the water-heating technology to prevent bacteria and odor. Get the mission accomplished with the Osotek HotWave.

The Osotek HotWave helps you clean efficiently with hot water. With just one press of a button, the base station will heat the water and replenish it into the clean water tank of the mop vacuum. You no longer have to tire yourself out by scrubbing with a rag and water to remove stubborn stains. The Osotek HotWave will effortlessly wipe the stains right off of your home surfaces so that you can finish the cleaning quickly.

OSOTEK HotWave comes equipped with "Dual Self-Cleaning" technology. It will constantly spray the cleaning water onto the brush and recycle the used water for further cleaning. After heavy cleaning tasks, you don't have to worry about your roller brush getting dirty. After cleaning, just put OSOTEK HotWave back into the base station and automatically start cleaning and quick-drying with one convenient press to prevent any bacteria and odor.

OSOTEK HotWave provides three modes of cleaning: Automatic mode for daily residue and stains; Water Absorbing mode for for dust and dirt; Turbo mode for heavy dirt like kitchen waste. The built-in infrared sensor in OSOTEK HotWave can detect the category of messes in real-time and automatically adjust the suction level. This detection and adjusting technology allows for higher efficiency cleaning and longer runtime. The OSOTEK HotWave can also perfectly handle all kinds of hard surfaces such as marble, hardwood floor, and tile.

Osotek HotWave can tackle any mess on hard surfaces such as marble, hardwood floor, and tile. We recommend not to use this product on carpets and fabric floor surfaces.

The OSOTEK HotWave can give you up to 35 minutes of continuous runtime. Equipped with two large water tanks (750 ml clean water tank and 640 ml used water tank), the OSOTEK HotWave can cover up to 2152 ft² / 200 ㎡ of cleaning area. Also, with the 3000 ml built-in base station water tank, you can do your weekly cleaning in only one replenishment.

There are two fans behind each side of the base station for the air inlet, and the air heats up with PTC technology. The hot air dries the brush and the docked vacuum.

Country-specific wall plugs will be provided with shipping addresses in countries using EU standard (220 V - 240 V) or American standard (100 V - 125V ) wall plugs. You can use an adapter if you are in an area that doesn't support either of these versions.

We do not recommend using mop vacuum cleaners (including other similar products in the market) to deal with large amounts of hair waste. However, the Osotek Hotwave uses hot water to clean, and there are three modes to tackle different situations. With these powerful technologies, it can easily handle small amounts of hair from people or pets.

We do not recommend using the soft brush of the OSOTEK HotWave on carpets. The soft brush on the Osotek standard set is perfect for cleaning various hard surfaces, such as hard wooden floors, tiles, vinyl, marble, etc. Compared to other similar products on the market, Osotek's brush head has denser fluff, which allows for a more thorough clean. It can vacuum and mop in one easy step to clean stubborn stains and dust hidden in the depths of the floor and gaps in the edges. We plan to develop a specific brush head for carpet cleaning that will also work with Osotek HotWave in the future. Please stay tuned for updates on the carpet roller brush.

It takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge the HotWave from 0% to 100% battery power.

While the main unit is operating, the dock needs to do multiple operations like charging, filling, and self-cleaning. The charging dock needs to remain powered on during these processes. The dock does not require the power supply if these operations are complete and the main unit is fully-charged. There is no need to worry about power consumption in this mode, but it is up to you to decide whether to unplug the power supply.

The main unit has an integrated built-in long-lasting battery, which cannot be replaced by users independently. Our after sales service technicians will evaluate the condition of the battery and depending on the situation to provide the suitable solutions.

It blows out cold air. The air is sucked in by the fan and fed from both sides of the dock for fast air-drying. It takes 5 hours to air-dry in the accessory storage box.

The brush roll is automatically hot air-dried after self-cleaning. The brush roll is rotates at low-speed for uniform drying. The whole process takes about 30 minutes.

The removable basket design makes the accessory storage box effortless to pull out and clean.

The HotWave has a built-in, non-removable water tank to achieve the best insulation effect. This feature prevents the risk of scalding from the clean water tank being accidentally dropped or removed and maximizes water tank capacity (780 ml).

CAPS on "OSOTEK", the non-removable clean water tank poses no problems. The Auto-Fill feature eliminates the need for removing the tank and adding water manually. Multi-stage filters minimize the impurities in the clear water, which simplifies tank maintenance and cleaning.

Do not place the HotWave dock in damp, water-logged areas. The main unit is suitable for cleaning the hard floor, but not the carpet. The recommended ambient temperature for the main unit is 5°C (41°F) to 40°C (104°F).

Cleaning such small gaps requires the HotWave to be steeply reclined, which can cause the backflow of dirty water into the clean water tank, thus negatively affecting the use.

The filter's service life is about 150 hours. The service life depends on the usage conditions and thus cannot be predicted perfectly. Please replace it timely if the cleaning results are ineffective. The brush roll's service life is about 150 hours. It depends on the usage conditions and cannot be evaluated accurately. When the brush is too wet, a voice prompt stating "Please install back the brush roll," will play. The wet brush roll will need to be replaced with a dry and clean one.

The HotWave can clean corners and edges, but it does not fit closely along edges. The distance between the brush roll and the edges is about 20 mm. “The brush head was designed with this specification to reduce the heat loss along the water pipe and channel hot water from the internal pipe of the brush roll.

With brush roll bristles at about 8 mm, the HotWave can clean the gaps of standard paved tiled or wood flooring. Uneven or broken floors may reduce the cleaning effect. For cleaning stubborn stains in between floor gaps, you can pass over them a few times with the HotWave on Superthermal Mode and Max Mode.

The voice alert can be turned on or off by pressing the button on the back of the body.

We do not recommend using a third-party cleaning solution as that may damage the HotWave's heating device and corrode the internal pipe, leaving the vacuum unable to function.

The maximum temperature where the brush roll contacts the floor is no higher than 60°C (140°F). This temperature will not damage the floor. In addition, little residual water remains on the floor, so there is no risk of floor damage due to waterlogging.

The suction power of vacuum is about 6.5 KPa on Max Mode at full battery.

The Osotek HotWave Wet Dry Vacuum has three modes: Automatic mode for daily residue and stains, Water Absorbing mode for dust and grime, and Turbo mode for heavy such as kitchen waste.

There are two benefits of cleaning the floor with the OSOTEK HotWave:
1. Super-thermal flowing water for efficiently cleaning: injection of high-temperature water with one button for better stain removal and higher cleaning efficiency.

2. Simultaneous suction, mopping, and self-cleaning: Dirty brush roll is instantly recycled to make sure that clean water is always used for a cleaner floor.